FOR THE YEAR 2015-2016

This page is provided for confirmands and their families. We hope you find the resources helpful throughout the year.

Readings and Memorization Schedule:

Use the link below to see the original schedule for Bible reading, memorization, reading quizzes, and sermon report due dates. You will minimize your stress level if you stick to this reading schedule!

(REMEMBER, Pastor Mark could change the plan at any time during the year, so PRINT THIS ONE and then keep your hard copy in your notebook so that you can make changes on that paper if need be.)

Other Important Links:

Apostles Creed/Books of the Bible/3 Key Scriptures
Building Blocks-Catechism Questions
SRCC Constitution

For Sermon Reports:

Choose the form that’s best for the way you want to write your report:

Reading Resources on the Web:

  • If you’d rather listen as you read along, use this site to hear the text: – You’ll see a box that says “ESV by Max McClean.” In the next two boxes, use the drop down menus to find the book and chapter to which you want to listen. Then hit the colored “play” button, and a new window will open, and the audio will start.
  • If you just want to read online (rather than from your actual Bible): – Choose the Old or New Testament and then the book you want to read. You’ll notice that there are tabs at the top: Summary takes you to a summary of the book and background notes; Chapter takes you to a list where you choose the chapter you want to read.