Who We Are

Our History:

In the fall of 1976, a small group of believers from Rochester Covenant Church committed to planting a new church on the southwest side of town.  We are alive today because of our common faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to bring His good news to our community and our world.

Our Denomination:

We are a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church, a rapidly growing multi-ethnic denomination of more than 875 congregations in the United States and Canada with ministries on five continents of the world. We are part of the Northwest Conference of the denomination.

Our Purpose:

Salem Road exists to glorify God through stimulating worship and systematic teaching designed to lead a person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and then on to spiritual understanding, usefulness, and maturity.

Our Faith:

  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God without error and our only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct.
  2. The one true Creator God is a triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man who was born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, crucified, dead and buried. He rose again on the third day and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
  4. Man is a sinner, fallen and in need of redemption.
  5. Salvation is a gift of grace freely given by God to all who will believe.
  6. Angels and demons are real spirit beings. Satan is a fallen angel and the greatest enemy of both God and man.
  7. The Church is composed of all who have put their faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
  8. Jesus is coming again, visibly and physically.
  9. There will be a future day of reward for all true believers.
  10. There will be a future day of judgment for all unbelievers.

Our Fellowship:

We believe that being a part of the Church encourages caring relationships and the use of spiritual gifts with an emphasis on growing in faith, hope, and love. In doing this, we will not divide ourselves over secondary issues; we will strive not to be stumbling blocks to those growing in Christ; and we will gladly set aside our freedoms for the sake of our weaker brothers and sisters.