Leadership Team


David Danielson

Ken Larson

Pastor Rollie Mossberg

Ron Peterson

Randy Reimer

Lee Riegler

David Warner


Doug Dewanz, Treasurer

Marilyn Riegler, Fin.Secretary

Steve Lewis, Fin.Secretary


Each team oversees specific areas of SRCC’s life and ministry.  If you want more information about what they do or would like to help in any one of them, contact the Ministry Team Leader (MTL).  You can also go back to the Get Involved page and complete the form there.

Worship & Music
(David Danielson)
Oversees singers, instrumentalists, sound/computer tech., ushers, greeters, communion set-up, sanctuary decor

(Sheryl Peterson)
Oversees support for missionaries, local and global organizations, and special opportunities and projects

(Ron Peterson)
Oversees all upgrades to and maintenance of our property and buildings as well as scheduling building use

Christian Education
(Karen Danielson)
Oversees education programs & Bible studies for children and adults, summer camp & VBS , and coordinates Nursery supervision

(Danielle Hanson)
Oversees regular Wednesday night programs, service opportunities, and special events for middle & high school students